shutterstock_20926867If it comes to purchasing the perfect hardwood floor, there are many unique factors that you need to take under account. Read on as we explore only some of the things you ought to factor into your choice.

The Room

The size of this space that you want to put your wooden flooring into will have a huge impact on the kind of wood that you choose. At a very small area, darker hardwood floors is going to have the effect of creating the room look much smaller. A lighter shade will help open the space up giving the illusion that it is in fact much larger. It is not only the colour of the flooring that you choose that could affect the way the space feels, either. The dimensions of the floorboards will have an impact on how broad the region appears too. Planks that are wider can also help make a little space appear bigger as fewer lines will actually give the appearance of being somewhat cluttered. These simple suggestions can make a huge difference to the appearance of your room and are worth considering account.

To get a high footfall area, you might want to select a flooring that is hardwearing and durable such as oak. This will be able to withstand the more constant footfall, and with the right maintenance will continue to look stunning for several years to come.

If the area that you are seeking to install hardwood flooring in is one with a high moisture level, such as a kitchen, then it is very important to ensure that the flooring you choose is able to deal with this. Again, walnut, cherry, maple or even cherry hardwood produces a fantastic selection for a kitchen in which it’s more likely to be more prone to spills.

Hardwood flooring is surprisingly simple to keep. Brush it regularly with a soft brush, and then once a week wash it with a moist (never moist ) mop to remove any residual dirt. This should be all the regular maintenance your hardwood flooring will require.

Whilst it’s important to bring all these factors into consideration when purchasing hardwood floors don’t forget your personal preference is important also. You should choose hardwood floors that you love because with all the ideal care it will last a long time.

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